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Pharmacodynamics of the drug based on the improvement of the blood supply to the penis body kaveroznogo by nitric oxide and inhibiting PDE-5. The drug is directly related to the presence of psychological sexual arousal and the beginning of the mechanical stimulation of the penis. The more intense and uniform stimulation is, the greater the released NO. Effect of Erectafil-10 appears after 15 – 25 minutes after ingestion. Maximum active substance content was observed two hours after administration with the highest concentration in plasma. Overall Tadalafil 10 mg remains in effect for a period of up to one and a half days.


Erectile dysfunction on the background of stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, including due to the weakness of the vascular conductance or decrease their elasticity.
Erectile dysfunction (including complete inability to achieve sustained erection) against a stress and neurotic states: http://erectafil.eu/
Contraindications Erectafil
Hypersensitivity to the drug «Erectafil-10 Tadalafil Tablets».
Simultaneous treatment with organic nitrates Erectafil.
It is also available to us in the sale and has already found a circle of admirers.

Duration Erectafil about 36 hours
Erectafil Compatible with any food and alcohol


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Online sales of Erectafil tablets are permitted in America.

Since March 14, 2017, you can now buy from the website erectafil.eu in America and other cities of the European Union in the drug market on our website.

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Erectafil is used to treat ED on men.

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Erectafil – instructions for use, analogs, reviews, price.
Erectafil 40 mg (Erectafil increased power).
The above drugs are synonymous drugs, so they have the same effect. Dosages of Erectafil in them are also the same. Medicines are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies, and therefore have different names. In general, only Cialis is related to the original preparations of Erectafil, and all other medicines are generics.

Reinforced version of the well-known tablet for the treatment of the main male disease – Erectafil.

The content of the active substance is Erectafil, tadalafil.
The purchase of Erectafil is an advantageous option. The drug acts stronger and more effective than usual Erectafil, and if desired, 1 tablet of the drug can be safely broken in half and used twice. The effect of the halves will not be worse than the usual Erectafil.
Erectafil is a fast-acting medicine for impotence, which lasts for 36 hours, ensuring a quality erection at the right time.

What is the Erectafil generic?
Erectafil is manufactured in India. In fact, this whole category, which includes several drugs. They differ in non-standard dosage, designed to make the medicine even cheaper.

Generally, generic Erectafil 40 mg is bought by people who prefer not to overpay. Each tablet of this drug must be broken in half. As a result, we get 2 pills with a Tadalafil content of 20 mg at a much lower price.
Do not take a whole tablet of Erectafil generic. Reviews suggest that this does not lead to an increase in the effectiveness of the medication.

The dose of Tadalafil can only exacerbate side effects. The frequency of unwanted reactions is also increased. For one day you can take no more than 1/2 tablets generic Erectafil 40 mg.

The reviews show that such an amount of active substance provides a firm, resilient erection.

Erectafil is a chemical substance, which is, it is synthesized in tubes.
In nature, it does not occur, so in food or medicinal plants can not be found, this substance. The methods of preparation and chemical synthesis of Erectafil experts from the British Pharmaceutical Corporation Elly Lilly in 2003.
Based on the pharmacologists substance created a drug-induced Cialis. All other medicines on the basis of Erectafil is Cialis.
Consider the basic differences and characteristics of the generic and original medicines. In the development of the original drug, the pharmaceutical concern synthesizes and releases certain chemicals that will be applicable component. Then experimentally identified the optimal dosage of the substance in which it has the best positive effects with minimal side effects.
Optimal auxiliary components are also installed.
Then development of the technology and processes for the synthesis of the agent for the purification of various impurities, which often causes allergic reactions and side effects. After having passed all the phases of development of the finished product is tested and put on the market under a specific name, invented specially for him.
Thus, there are original pharmaceutical preparations that are international patents. However, the patent for the drug is valid for a limited time, after which any pharmaceutical company may take part of the original drug (written in each instruction) and carried out according to the specified dosage of its own medicine. What this drug will be called generic.
In rare cases, generics are coming up with a new name. And often simply called the generic international name for the active ingredient. For example, with regard to Erectafil active ingredient is: the original drug called Cialis, and most of the generic – Erectafil.
In other words, Generics contain the same active ingredient as the original drug.
Generics usually cost much less than the original drugs. Despite the same active ingredient in generic and original products, the composition of the auxiliary components can vary considerably.
Often, the only generic resemblance to the original drug – it is just the same active substance. Thus, as a general rule, are taken to produce generic active substances in industrially produced chemical laboratories, which do not undergo thorough and thorough cleaning of the contaminants. This is a large amount of impurities refer to pharmacists, talking about any medication that it is rather “disordered”.
Therefore, Cialis has a large number of generic drugs, which belong to the group of Erectafil. Most of the generic drugs manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies, which in principle are specialized in this area of ??the drug market.

Buy Erectafil necessary in specialized stores or pharmacies, so as not to get a fake.
The active substance of these tablets is Tadalafil. Erectafil has virtually no side effects, which makes it the safest among the above drugs to increase potency. This tool is a new generation.
The effect after taking one pill Erectafil is reached after 30 minutes and lasts about 10 hours. Erectafil only affects the process of erection and an increase in the amount of sperm, without affecting the sex drive.
Erectafil tablets can take a long enough time, combining with food and alcohol intake. This is the best drug among phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. He also has analogues similar in their effect to Tadalafil.
The drug is available in various dosages. It is better not to take Erectafil more than 40 mg per day.
Erectafil is relatively new tablet, providing the fastest effect. After 15 minutes, the blood begins to intensively enter the penis. Erectafil acts on increasing potency more than a day (36 hours).
Among the side effects of the treatment are a headache and a digestive dysfunction. The maximum daily dosage is 60 mg, its increase is not allowed.

Get reliable, proven means of strengthening your erection. This is considered Erectafil from the Indian manufacturer. The gelatin capsule shell contains a gel-like composition from Tadalafil, an enhancer of erectile function. After snapping, the active element is absorbed, gently affecting the body after 20 minutes. The entry of a substance into the bloodstream causes blockage of the undesirable action of a specific enzyme phosphodiesterase.
The effect of Erectafil is noticeable 36 hours. The user reviews confirm the absence of gastric irritability on the gelatinous membrane. Therefore, the composition can be applied to a strong floor that does not tolerate the tablet form of traditional preparations. We recommend to buy a generic to improve the quality of sexual contacts, providing the body with a full relaxation and enjoyment.
Erectafil instruction: Erectafil.eu
The blister includes 10 twenty-gram capsules. The daily dosage is 20 mg (one dragee). Better digestion will help boiled or purified water.

All men want women to consider them Gods in intimate affairs, but not everyone achieves this goal on their own.
Reduction of potency in the male is due to many factors, such as: stress, low physical activity, rare or short sexual acts, etc. Often because of the intimate weakness of a partner, relationships and families break up.
But we live in the 21st century, the century in which everything is moving forward, including medicine and pharmacology.
We want to bring to your attention the novelty Cialis ERECTAFIL, which maximally improves the male potency.

Melani writes:
My boyfriend and I have never had problems with sex, but already half a year he began to avoid me when it comes to sex, the guy often says that he gets tired at work, exhausted, his head hurts, etc. He is shy enough for me, and does not want to talk on this topic, during the conversation I realized that it was not about me, but that he was experiencing problems with potency. They began to look for drugs on the Internet, stopped at Erectafil 20 mg (tadalafil).

Urgent drug delivery in Europe and the USA.
The average time for 90% of deliveries of our customers is 6-15 hours from the moment the parcel was delivered to our courier until their arrival in the destination city! The maximum delivery time is no more than 72 hours.

Erectafil is a very delicate problem that every man can face.

Often, the inability to have sexual intercourse causes real panic: a man begins to think that he will never regain his strength and he is experiencing severe stress, which only aggravates the situation. However, before falling into despair, you need to understand the causes of impotence and consult a doctor of the appropriate profile.
In this article you will find information about what types of impotence exist, for what reasons sexual dysfunction develops and whether there are methods for preventing this unpleasant condition. All recommendations and advice are for informational purposes only: only a specialist can prescribe treatment!

What is Erectafil?

Erectafil, or erectile dysfunction is not an independent disease, but a group of disorders that lead to the inability to have sexual intercourse. The diagnosis is made if more than 25% of attempts to have sex fail.
Erectafil is believed to be an age-related disease. Usually, the first signs of the disappearance of potency reveal themselves after 50 years. However, recent studies show that Erectafil has become “younger” and more and more men aged 30 to 40 years come to urologists with complaints of lack of erection. This is due to the peculiarities of the modern lifestyle: physical inactivity, lack of healthy nutrition, bad habits and a number of other reasons.

The main symptom of impotence is the inability to achieve an erection, which is necessary for sexual intercourse.

At the same time, a man loses self-confidence, because sex is one of the most important areas of any person’s life and the inability to satisfy a partner and get satisfaction on his own causes severe stress. Fortunately, modern diagnostic methods allow you to quickly determine the cause of potency disorders and choose the right treatment.