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Centurion Laboratories is a leader among leading healthcare companies. This company is well known and respected in India where it has been developed and produced medicines for more than 100 years. In its arsenal of more than 16 million prescriptions, which have started to develop since 1915. International Drug Company Mart, which supplies Centurion Laboratories products offers its customers products to improve the sexual performance of brands such as Vidalista, Tadalista, DE and others. These brands have gained general acceptance and are today the most reliable and most powerful of all generic manufacturers.

Centurion Laboratories has developed this type of drugs known and popular as Vidalista (tadalafil citrate), including known Vidalista 20 mg, Vidalista 40 mg, and Rosa Verde Vidalista drugs, Vidalista, which is manufactured in the form of chewable tablets with flavor mint. In addition, Tadalista series preparations (tadalafil), which includes Tadalista 10 mg, 20 mg and Tadalista similar preparation and 20 mg in the form of chewable tablets with mint flavor.

For its output is a series FILITRA (vardenafil), among its preparations are 20 mg Filitra PROSCALPIN (finasteride), 1 mg, hair loss tablets that is associated with male-type alopecia. Also ACNOMOR drug (isotretinoin) discharged at a dose of 20 mg capsules, which is used for the treatment of acne. Of course, the high demand and each of the pharmaceutical companies finds its application.

Since our foundation is presented, we are committed to offering high quality pharmaceutical products to all our customers. All these pharmaceutical preparations are developed under the guidance of experts, in accordance with established industry standards. In the development of these drugs, our professionals use modern machines and high quality ingredients that are bought from authentic vendors in the market. Team of experienced professionals to keep vigil in the various stages of production, since in order to maintain quality standards. After formulating these products, our quality controllers examine you in the parameters of color quality.



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With the backing of industry experience, we, Centurion “Laboratories” established in 1995 is recognized as a reliable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of pharmaceuticals. The range being treated in consideration of allopathic drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, antiseptic ointments, antibacterial agents and antibiotics, antitumor drugs. B and cardiovascular drugs, and so on. D. The assortment of medicines formulated under the supervision of experts who strictly follow industry standards and regulations. In order to offer proven quality medicines to customers, our quality controllers strictly examine data on various parameters before otpravkoy.Bolshinstvo final product offered by us is recommended to take after the doctor’s recommendation.

We have developed a solid and sophisticated infrastructure that stretched over an area of 4000 square meters. MT. This object is armed with all the technology and tools needed for trouble-free and planned production. In order to keep the production process smooth and high performance, we calibrate and upgrade all machinery and equipment at regular intervals of time. Along with this, we have appointed a team of intelligent and diligent professionals who carry out commercial activities. These professionals work with high quality standards of the pharmaceutical products manufactured by us, as well as to ensure the timely delivery of the goods available to the customer. In order to facilitate financial transactions, we also accept payment in cash, check, money order. Due to the efforts of our employees, modern facilities and a transparent policy of doing business, we have managed to create a niche in the market.