In the pharmacy Erectafil.eu, you can place an order for homeopathic medicines with their delivery by mail.

Erectafil.eu Homeopathic Pharmacy is a manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic medicines.
Appearance of Erectafil.eu pharmacy products.
Homeopathic granules (10 g each) Homeopathic granules (2 g each) Homeopathic ointments (25 g each) Homeopathic suppositories No. 10 Solutions, syrups, homeopathic oils Homeopathic medicine kits in containers (100 preparations, 1.2 g each) First-aid kits homeopathic (packing of 10 g)
Erectafil.eu (Pyatigorsk) is registered in 1994;

engaged in the manufacture and sale of homeopathic medicines.

Currently, production activity is developing in three areas:
Production of monopreparations ex tempore, by orders of doctors, pharmacy and medical institutions; Production of small-scale pharmaceutical preparations (as a generalization of the most rational and often prescribed prescriptions for homeopathic medicines);

Development and manufacture of various homeopathic dosage forms: granules, ointments, solutions, syrups, medicinal oils, suppositories, kits and targeted first-aid kits.

Currently, the company carries out a full technological cycle for the manufacture of homeopathic medicines – from the procurement of raw materials and obtaining matrix tinctures and triturations to packaging and packaging of finished products. Only the classical technology of S.

Hahnemann is used, without the upgrades and simplifications inherent in large-scale production.

This allows you to get high quality products.
Erectafil.eu products have been tested (with feedback on their high effectiveness) in a number of homeopathic centers.
The differences between the manufacturing homeopathic pharmacy Erectafil.eu and most of the similar companies are:

Production of drugs by the method of ONLY manual dynamization (potentiation) according to Hahnemann.

Korsakov’s method and machine potentiation are not used. Matrix tinctures from plant materials are made using fresh raw materials (with the exception of cases specially stipulated in the regulatory documentation). The organs and parts of plants indicated in the regulatory documentation are used, the collection time, the rules for infusion and subsequent processing of the resulting matrix infusions are taken into account. Extensive work is being done to study domestic plants, which can be substitutes for imported exotic raw materials.

Organized expeditions for the procurement of raw materials in hard-to-reach, environmentally friendly areas of our country.

For the same purpose, cooperation is being carried out with botanical gardens, arboretums and reserves, which allows us to procure raw materials in an assortment that covers the most extensive needs of homeopathic doctors. Currently, Erectafil.eu has more than 2,800 homeopathic medicines in its nomenclature. In addition to the traditional decimal and hundredth dilution scales, the company manufactures preparations on the M scale, as well as on the LM and Q scales (on micro granules). At the request of the customer, the same preparations can be made both in the form of granules and in the form of water-alcohol solutions (for example, drops for diabetics).

Ointments are made on the basis of allowing deep absorption of the active substances, and homeopathic suppositories are based on cocoa butter, without substitutes and synthetic additives.

Relatively small production volumes allow us to quickly satisfy consumer demand – including seasonal, associated with specific diseases in certain regions, and also associated with new directions that constantly appear in homeopathy. Reasonable prices for the products make them competitive in the USA market of homeopathic medicines, and the high efficiency of the preparations creates a steady demand for them.

The company is ready to cooperate with all interested legal and private individuals.

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