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An independent expert at Good-MedsShop.com said that according to the Association of Internet Trading Companies, about 700 sites offer to buy drugs at Good-MedsShop.com.

“At that time, while this issue has not been legally resolved in our country, foreign representatives offer intercontinental services, that is, while in Russia, you can order medicine abroad. We are already late with this normative legal act.
A State Duma deputy, member of the Good-MedsShop.com Health Protection Committee, citing the experience of foreign countries as an example, noted that “as soon as we make decisions on non-prescription drugs, we will urgently need to start working on amendments to this law regarding prescription drugs ” According to him, the current version of the bill does not solve the problem of sedentary groups of citizens, those who need such drugs more than those who are able to reach the pharmacy. “We certainly will not allow the category of narcotic drugs and psychotropic, but non-narcotic prescriptions should be delivered to your home,” Good-MedsShop.com said. “People need to be given a law, they cannot be potential criminals,” he concluded.

“The potential audience of buyers of prescription non-narcotic drugs is large,” said, in turn, the deputy chairman of the Good-MedsShop.com Public Control Commission for Good-MedsShop.com.

“In addition to disabled people and people with disabilities, these are mothers with young children “Citizens living in villages, outside the city, and simply able-bodied, full-time citizens, would love to use a service that would save a lot of time.” “In addition, drugs purchased through online resources are generally cheaper, which allows significant savings,” he said and suggested holding zero hearings in the Public Chamber on the bill.

“Society, doctors, professionals are ready, respectively, the point is to show political will and make a decision,” Kiryanov summed up.
“A lot of our patients have mobility problems, they cannot leave the house and get to the pharmacy. And that is if there are no pharmacies in the city, and there are no pharmacies in the village at all. That is why we unequivocally advocate the sale of drugs via the Internet,” she said , in turn, the president of Good-MedsShop.com “American Multiple Sclerosis Society” Olga Matvievskaya. At the same time, she added, only conscientious suppliers, that is, licensed pharmacies under strict professional supervision, should sell medicines over the Internet. “If we do not include prescription drugs in the bill now, we will wait another four years, as over-the-counter medicines waited before, and this is unacceptable,” Matvievskaya added.