Super Vidalista

Super Vidalista
Super Vidalista (Super Vidalista) – Super Vidalista is a drug for men, increases strength and help in time to complete. Buy Super Vidalista at the pharmacy, we can – price 1,450 руб Super Vidalista 10 tablets.

The cost of delivery throughout Russia is 300 rubles RF first class mail. The shipping cost is Super Vidalista in Moscow and St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), 250 rubles, by courier on the same day. 5% discount – when paying for orders via the Internet.

Super Vidalista. A new drug for the two components of the famous Indian company Centurion Labs Its main advantages are the most important efficacy and safety. An excellent combination of powerful components allows Super Vidalista to release rival free-flowing pharmaceuticals.

Super Vidalista not only significantly increases the power level and improves the erection, but also increases the duration of sexual intercourse, but also significantly increases the strength and strength to achieve orgasm. Super Vidalista was created as a product that can renew the sex life of people, no matter how many years there were.
Super Vidalista: Erectafil.com Composition
The drug is available on the open market as a pack for 80 mg tablets, each of which includes 20 mg and 60 mg of Cialis dapoxetine. Cialis (the second name is tadalafil) is a drug component that initiates the process of circulation in the penis. By his actions the patient feels a new charge of energy, vigor and strength.

Its erection is strong and durable, so that you can lead a healthy and satisfying sex life without worrying about problems in sex. Dapoxetine is a substance that allows representatives of the strong half of humanity to cope with the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

Getting into the human body, dapoxetine has a blocking effect in the reverse process of serotonin, which makes a person, a sharp decrease in the sensitivity of the glans penis. Depending on the personal characteristics of partners, the duration of sex having a super Vidalista increased by 3-5 times.

Super Vidalista appointments are prescribed to patients who experience problems with premature ejaculation and weak erections. The reasons for these problems are very diverse, which are of a psychological and physiological nature.

CNS disorders;
Irregular or irregular meals;
Lack of iron, calcium and phosphorus in the body.
Reception Super Vidalista allows a man to have sex with women all day, without experiencing discomfort, weakness or fatigue.
Vidalista super advantages

Quick results;
high efficiency;
Complete absence of addiction;
Absolute safety;
The possibility of a long reception of funds;
Anonymity of a sexual partner;
The ability to receive in all situations and places.