Tadalista 20 Super Active

Tadalista Super Active

Tadalista Super Active – is a soft gel capsule that provides an erection in men. From above, cover with soluble gelatin. Within the active ingredient it is in a liquefied state. Therefore, it is assimilated almost instantly. Scientists have shown that tadalafil pills are more effective. In addition, they are also inexpensive. For the same money you can buy a medicine that acts 4 hours or two days. Which is better? The answer is obvious.


“Super Tadalista Active” preparation indicated for use in erectile dysfunction. This is a condition in which a man can not achieve an erection. By ED they also include cases in which the penis hardens, but not enough for sexual intercourse. Very often, impotence is associated with poor blood circulation in the groin area. Erectile dysfunction may have psychological and physiological reasons. Tadalista Super Active helps to overcome impotence of any kind.


The composition of Tadalista Super Active tablets is the active ingredient Tadalafil.It helps to quickly reach an erection, and is not intended to prevent premature ejaculation.It is taken orally with water.Tadalafil differs long period of action.The drug To work, sexual stimulation is necessary. Without it, an erection is not.

operating principle

During sexual arousal in the male sexual organ begins to separate nitrogen oxide (NO), increases the number tsiklichiskogo monophosphate guanosine. CGMP in this case is responsible for the relaxation of smooth muscle tissue of the penis and blood flow to the corpora cavernosa. When the erectile dysfunction in process interferes phosphodiesterase type 5 specific enzyme. It destroys cGMP and allows smooth muscles to relax. Once in the blood, the unwanted effect of Tadalafil blocks PDE5, thus ensuring stable erection.

Benefits “Tadalista gel” preparation

“Tadalista Gel” is considered one of the best prepared to improve erection. Its advantages are:

Speed. The tablets contain Tadalista Super Active Tadalafil in liquid form. The active substance absorbed immediately by the body and begins to act.
Security. Natural gelatin cover does not irritate the stomach. Therefore, the drug can be taken even for people who can not tolerate the medicines in the form of conventional tablets.
Good tolerability. Tadalafil is well tolerated at any age.
A long period. “Tadalista Super Active” is valid for 24-36 hours.
Economy. Medicine provides a stable erection in a minimal amount of money.
Total freedom of action. Taking Tadalafil, a man should not change his habits. The rate of visualization of the effect and duration of action of the fat and the amount of food has no effect.
The “Tadalisty” entry helps you quickly get rid of deep stress, boosting self-esteem.

The drug is “Tadalafil”: http://erectafil.eu/ instructions for use

The drug is “Tadalafil 20 mg” – the best way to overcome impotence. Super Active Capsules “contain the active ingredient in the form of a gel.Therefore, it is much faster to start operating.Usually after consuming the pills before the onset of an erection takes place 15-20 minutes.In Depression Severe psychological effect, extreme fatigue effect of appearance may be slightly delayed.For use allowed 1 day no more than 1 capsule.The effect lasts for 24-36 hours.


Tadalista Super Active – a potent inhibitor of phosphodiesterase. The drug works best thanks to a renewed safe formula. However, the medication should be taken with caution (it is better to consult a doctor) in the presence of “history” records of chest pain, heart failure, kidney and liver problems, heart attack, stroke. The drug may not be safe for children under 18 years of age and women. It is not recommended for use during travel and preparation for sporting events.

side effects

Any drug can cause unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, they are transitory. The new formula “Tadalisty Super Active” differs in the highest level of safety. But sometimes you can see:

Redness of the face;
Back pain;
Nasal congestion (rhinitis);
Palpitations of the heart.
Side effects appear for a short time. People prone to erection of priapism can not disappear for 4 hours or more. In this case, you should consult your doctor immediately.