Vidalista 20 Tadalafil

The main components of the Vidalista preparation

On our site you will find all necessary information about Vidalista – Instructions for use, price, reviews of the actual buyers for your attention! The main active ingredient in the drug is tadalafil.

It is also included in the supplements that allow Vidalista to strengthen the action and reduce the risk of side effects. More information exact composition Vidalista preparation – instruction manual contains complete information.

As a drug it acts

Unlike Vidalista branded drugs, the price in pharmacies is very high, you can buy it on our website for identical generic action. After receiving tablets it occurs to launch complex processes that result in relaxation of the smooth muscles of the arteries and increases blood flow to the tissues of the penis.

The drug is not a pathogen and does not work without natural sexual arousal, but creates the conditions for the appearance of normal full physiological erection. Unlike generic Vidalista, the analogues do not possess as potent and long lasting effectiveness and safety impact.

This medication is not recommended.

One of the attractive factors of generic Vidalista – price, but before you buy, make sure that you have no contraindications. The use of the drug in the presence of individual sensitivity to its components is unacceptably unacceptable.

Before buying Vidalista tablets, make sure that you do not suffer from acute liver failure, do not pass a rehabilitation for six months after a heart attack or a stroke, do not take alpha-blockers and organic nitrates.

Remember: the most important document that any medicine, including Vidalista – manual, which contains detailed information about admission rules, contraindications, restrictions.

We offer you complete information on generic Vidalista – doctors review, contraindications, conditions under which the drug is allowed to use only prescribed by a doctor and strictly recommends their doses.

What causes adverse drug reactions

Generic Vidalista brand, can be purchased on our website, rarely cause adverse reactions. As the results of the research and years of practical experience in the application of the generic, the negative effects occur mainly in violation of the rules of the recommended applications.

In rare cases, generic Vidalista, which can be read below, are weak short-term reactions, including headache, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, back pain, eye pain, dizziness, myalgia, redness, eyelid edema, Conjunctival hyperemia.

How to take the generic drug Vidalista this site: Erectafil

Generic tadalafil Vidalista is made in the form of small balls and is intended for oral administration. One tadalafil tablet, which can be bought in stores, the maximum daily dose contains one substance (20 mg). Taking the medication should be twenty minutes before sexual activity.

Remember, you will try tadalafil: instructions for use are not recommended to exceed the maximum dose or take the medication once a day in a lower dose. As for the duration of the effect of the drug Vidalista, customer comments confirm that it remains up to six days.