Vidalista 40





Purchase Offer Vidalista 40 – Indian generic (analog) of the known means of “Cialis” male enhancement. The medication contributes to the appearance and maintenance of an erection in the presence of sexual stimulation. The duration of the drug’s action is up to 36 hours, so it is sometimes called “tablet holiday.” The price of the means that give life is quite small.

Advantages of the drug
The proposed drug Vidalista (40 mg) of the composition is a complete analogue “Cialis” and contains twice the dose of the main active ingredient (tadalafil). The main advantages of the product:

Fast and sustained effect;
Long duration of action site:http://erectafil.eu/
Absence of side effects at the appropriate dose;
The possibility of the use of alcoholic beverages and fatty foods.
Erectile dysfunction can occur for several reasons, so it is crucial that Vidalista 40 can be taken even in chronic diseases and the influence of men with diabetes. Impotence – a serious illness, so it is necessary to agree with the doctor to receive the medicine. This tool has a very powerful effect, so it is desirable to be careful when taking the dose. Young people taking the medication is not recommended until 18 years.

The proposed installation leads to the normal sex life of men, regardless of the reasons for sexual dysfunction, ensures stable penis erection and bright male orgasm. The drug serves as a purchase tablet, which describes a method of receipt in the operating manual. Yellow soluble shell allows the active substance to act gradually. The maximum effect is usually observed after 2 hours after receipt. Vidalista 40 means  is only activated during sexual arousal, without affecting reproductive function.

Economic solution to the problem of intimacy
Buy wonderful tool in our easy online store. Make a reservation and we will get back to you! The sexual component of life is very important for the health of man. The World Health Organization strongly supports the production of generic drugs for the legitimate replacement of patented drugs. Vidalista 40 mg – a simple and inexpensive way to maintain erectile function in a tone that is very popular all over the world.

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