Erectile dysfunction – is not a rare disease. According to estimates by doctors around the world at least 50 million men suffer from impotence, either continuously or intermittently. To assess the prevalence of emergency doctors could escalate only after the first effective cure was invented in 1998. Now you can count the number of units sold, and at least roughly estimate the prevalence of the disease. It is now believed that every third man in one degree or another faces impotence.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Fortunately, yes. Scientists contend that defeat manage erectile dysfunction in 90% of cases. Distinguish 2 types of impotence:

In its pure form, psychological or physiological ED is quite rare. In most cases, doctors diagnose a mixed form of impotence. This means that not committing a sexual act depends not only on the health of the reproductive system, but also on factors such as stress, oppressed state, depression, etc. One of the best remedies for treating all types of erectile dysfunction is Tadalafil.

The tablets for the improvement of the power Vidalista-40

Vidalista-40 – tablet for the improvement of the power of a new generation. They used the active substance, which at the moment has no equal. Every man greatly concerned about his sexual performance. Not surprisingly, they determine not only the pleasure you get during orgasm, but also the relationship between partners, your own self-esteem, and so on. The operating principle of “Vidalista-40” is the same as the other drugs. However, the drug works for up to 36 hours.


Medications “Cialis” is used for the treatment of:

Flaccid erections.
Medication restores sexual function. Along with the ability to meet the male self-reliance of the couple, self-esteem increases, stress symptoms disappear.


The Vidalista-40 structure includes the active ingredient Tadalafil. It is not contained in foods and natural ingredients. It produces exclusively industrial chemical process. The development of tadalafil in a large pharmaceutical company Elly Lilly. On the shelves of the drug was in 4003, under the name of Cialis. It made a real revolution in the drug market for impotence. People call it the medication “for the weekend.”

In the original Cialis has a serious drawback – a price too high. Therefore, the first drug was unaffordable for many men. The situation led to the correction of India’s pharmaceutical. They have created a complete analogue of well-known media, but with a different name. Due to lack of publicity the cost of new tablets turned out to be quite low. As a result, the drug appeared on the market, which is characterized by its high efficiency and low cost.

operating principle

The excitation of the reproductive system accompanied by the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the male genitalia. This process helps to relax the smooth muscles that prevent the blood in the corpora cavernosa. Through nitric oxide blood increased the level of cGMP. However, this connection, necessary for erection, is decomposed by the enzyme phosphodiesterase. Tadalafil effectively blocks its action, thus restoring the natural process. The active drug substance only affects PDE type 5. Other enzymes, which does not affect.

Benefits “tadalafil-40”

Tablets “Tadalafil-40” has many advantages. Here are just the main benefits of the drug: erectafil

The selectivity. The active ingredient belongs to the group of selective inhibitors. This means that it only affects PDE5 and does not affect other enzymes.
Availability. Cost “Tadalafil-40” tablets available for almost everyone. Despite the low price the drug is very effective.
Performance. Once in the stomach, the tablets dissolve quickly and assimilated. The erection occurs within 10-40 minutes after taking.
Security. Modern medicines are characterized by a high level of safety. They affect the body as gently as possible. Side effects are very rare.
A long period. Tablets “work” at 36 hours. No other drug did not have a long duration of action.
Tablets “Vidalista-40”: instructions for use

Is now taking the tablets “Vidalista-40” should be started with the ΒΌ pill. The dosage is gradually increased if necessary. Maximum daily amount – 1 tablet. Preparation is a must drink water. This will help the active substance learn quickly and start acting.

“40mg Cialis” taken for 15-25 minutes prior to scheduled sexual intimacy. However, keep in mind that the performance of high-fat foods